Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hundreds attend Town Hall hosted by Rep Debbie Dingell at EMU.

The McKenny Hall Ballroom on the campus of Eastern Michigan University was packed as Rep Debbie Dingell hosted a Town Hall Meeting called GOP Healthcare Repeal - What does it mean? The event was held Sunday, March 19 at 4:30, and if you didn't arrive early, oh boy, it took a little post Saint Patrick's Day luck to find a seat as several hundred people attended the event.

The panel of five consisted of US Representative Debbie Dingell, as well as, Representatives Adam Zemke, Ronnie Peterson, Donna Lasinki, and Yousef Rabhi.

Organizers of the Town Hall hosted by Rep Dingell wanted the event to provide information about the Trump administration's newly released American Healthcare Act in regard to how harmful the act is. According to Town Hall organizers in a post prior to the event, "We are inviting people to ask questions and learn more about how this harmful proposal would impact the Healthy Michigan program, which covers 700,000 Michiganders."

Rep Dingell kicked off the Town Hall stating, "We are trying really hard to give you the facts (referencing healthcare repeal). This is all about you. If you live in America you have the right to quality healthcare." These opening comments drew a most enthusiastic and hearty applause from the receptive attendees. As Dingell began to wind down her opening remarks she commented that 14 million people will lose healthcare under the the new GOP healthcare bill.

Rep Lasinski  rallied the Town Hall attendees when she stated while referencing the GOP budget, "Higher costs, less coverage for everyone."

The second hour of the Town Hall was opened up for audience questions and answers, and a whole lot of people had questions. I don't recall seeing a Q & A line as long as this one. Many of those in the expansive line shared personal stories referencing positive experiences with the Affordable Care Act while voicing contempt for the Trump administration's American Healthcare Act. Notable was a local doctor who addressed the panel. According to the doctor, 50% of the people he sees have coverage because of the ACA. The doctor completed his comments by asking the panel, "Is this class warfare"?

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.
Debbie Dingell Town Hall. Sunday EMU. Photos Purple Walrus Press.


  1. Hi Jeff,
    My husband and I were at the event and what we walked away from is an unanswered question about what can people do that would be effective. The meeting was presented as if the vote is already in and the Senate still has to vote. Calling or emailing my senators who are already against passing the bill does not seem effective which is what Debbie Dingell said. Should we call the Republican senators that are on the the time of this email I believe there are 12. Want to be effective, I already know it is devastating and cruel and will have an impact on my business my community and my family. My husband and I are small business owners and we have always had to buy our own insurance and we both work in mental health.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this,
    Shirley Bavonese