Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rep Debbie Dingell thanks 12th district for speaking out against repeal of the ACA.

What a week for our bitterly divided country and discombobulated political system! The tumultuous week was capped by the rejection of the GOP'S proposal to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. On Friday the House of Representatives rejected the Republican  proposal to repeal the ACA.

Locally, in a press release, Debbie Dingell thanked residents of Michigan's 12th district and others across the state for making their voices heard and speaking out against the proposal to repeal the ACA. According the Fridays press release, "Today's victory shows how engaged citizens can make a difference. It is now time to work together in a bipartisan way to build off the progress we've made and find real solutions to improve the ACA for the American people."

Who knows what kind of political chaos will occur in this nation during the coming week? Fasten your seat belts!

Jeff Brown

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