Monday, March 13, 2017

Representative Debbie Dingell shares her concern about Islamic Center fire in Pittsfield Township.

Representative Debbie Dingell shared her deep concern about the fire that occurred at the Ypsilanti Islamic Center and mosque Saturday. The Islamic Center and mosque on Michigan Avenue in Pittsfield Twp was destroyed on Saturday. Dingell addressed the frightening reality that there has been a dramatic increase in bigoted threats being made toward people based on race and ethnicity.

According to remarks posted by Rep. Dingell Sunday, "At a time when we are seeing an increase in threats against members of our communities based on race and religion-whether at a mosque or a Jewish Community Center-there is obvious reason for concern, and there are many questions as to what happened and why. "

According her post, Rep Dingell has talked with law enforcement officials and is happy that federal and local authorities are investigating the fire.

Jeff Brown
founder & editor
Purple Walrus Press.
Islamic Center. Michigan Ave, Pittsfield Twp. Photo by Purple Walrus Press.

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