Thursday, March 9, 2017

Willow Run Tower Evacuated During U-M Men's Charter Take-Off

Bob Resch & Jeff Brown.  Purple Walrus Press.

The MD83 charter plane transporting the Michigan men's basketball team
 skidded off  runway 23L at Willow Run airport, Wednesday March 8th,
at 2:55 Eastern Standard time.

High winds across the region had caused major power outages throughout
Wayne and Washtenaw counties including Willow Run's control tower.
FAA spokesperson, Elizabeth Cory, told Purple Walrus Press, "The Tower
had been evacuated due to high winds.  Backup systems were working.
Detroit Metro Airport immediately took over air traffic control."

Runway 23L is a 7,000 foot runway and the chaotic crosswinds created a
situation that ultimately forced the pilot to abort takeoff and skid
off the runway.  Thankfully, all 107 members of the team and band were
evacuated safely.

As in all situations like this, the NTSB will provide all the
necessary information when they complete their investigation.

Bob Resch & Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
Charter plane that contained U-M's mens basketball. Photos Purple Walrus Press.

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