Tuesday, August 9, 2016


My dad downtown Flint Nov 1977. Flint Journal.
My 86 year old dad Gerry Brown, also known as "Downtown" Gerry Brown, alias "Cigimo" alias "Buzz Brown," loves to write letters. His love of letter writing is a beautiful thing because it is a lost art, Anyway, my dad wrote this letter recently. He intended to send this anti Trump letter to the Hartford Current which is located a stones throw from my dads apartment in his home state of Connecticut. But instead Cigimo (my dad) decided to send this letter to me, his son, for publication in Purple Walrus Press. Thanks, Dad! Here it is. By the way, Trump, you really don't want to  mess with Cigimo.

As a father of a son and daughter I tried to give them both a set of values to serve them in the ensuing years. I preached never to hate, dislike but refrain from hating. To never assume - Always respect your parents - Lastly, to never use the words "shut up." I just isn't necessary.

However, ever since the advent of the Presidential Primaries I myself have had a problem following two of my rules, namely, experiencing hate and secondly using the phrase "shut up."

This sudden turn a round is because of the presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump. I hate Donald Trump. I hate the man when he made those inane remarks about Senator McCain, such as "Why is he considered a hero, he was captured. This remark was taken by many to be controversial, however, this seemed to have very little affect on his candidacy, ironically, it brought "Amen's" from many.

My distaste for him grew when he mocked the disability of a reporter who interviewing him. Truly disgraceful. Then it got even worse when he made disparaging remarks regarding the face of Fioma. In the past this remark alone could have capsized his candidacy. But no, he steamed ahead gathering the votes of naive Americans..This did not stop him. What it did was create this monster called Trump with many Americans rallying behind him. "Frankenstein."

When watching tv and listening to his "Make America great again" speeches is when I broke rule no. 2. I would yell "Shut up" at the TV. the refrain aimed at Donald.

My hatred grew when he criticizes the looks of Senator Cruz's wife. What Gall! My blood boiled when he called Hilary Clinton "Crooked Hillary."

It was a very sad commentary regarding the American voter.

How anyone can be swayed to vote for him, listening to his hateful rhetoric and not realize that this man could very well set back this country years and lose the respect of the world... WAKE UP AMERICA! DUMP TRUMP!

Contributed by my dad Gerry "Downtown" Brown of Newington, Connecticut.

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