Tuesday, August 16, 2016


There was a Ypsilanti City Council meeting this morning at 7am. The meeting was called by Ypsilanti Mayor Amanda Edmonds. The reason for the meeting was to decide if a new Water Street debt millage should be voted on in November. I received word this morning from Beth Bashert that council voted not to put the millage on the ballot for November. Beth Bashert will be representing Ward 2 on city council in the fall. The millage proposal was defeated by a small margin on August 5.

If the Water Street millage had passed in August Ypsilanti residents who own a home that is worth $100,000 or more would pay a paltry $9.50 a month to whittle down the remaining $10 million Water Street debt. I certainly would not have had a problem with paying basically nine bucks a month to be rid of this tiresome debt.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press

Ypsilanti, MI. Purple Walrus Press.


  1. Thanks for your slanted view.

    If you can afford to pay $9.50 a month for the next 15 years (For a total of $1710.00) then that is great. This is not so much a report of the facts, it is an editorial and a campaign comment.

    But some residents have limited discretionary money for a millage that will only pay 2/3 of the debt. If it had passed our city would still have to find creative ways to fund the balance.

    Continuing to ask the same question of the voters over and over and expecting different results creates conflicts that our community can not continue to experience. Residents feel comfortable spewing racist comments about a single side of the city that overwhelmingly voted No. It is as though one side of the city should not receive services as others because of their choice.

    The citizens of Ypsilanti voted NO on the Water Street millage.

    We should work together to find a solution that does not include one person's ability to pay more fees for less services.
    We already pay enough for poor decisions.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on my article, Kim.