Monday, August 8, 2016


While perusing through the NPNA facebook site a few days ago I came across a post by city council member Pete Murdock. In his post Murdock stated that the proposed new recreation center deal for Water Street in downtown Ypsilanti is kaput. Well, Pete didn't say kaput, he said dead. Same thing. All I can say is damn, darn, dang, crap, and damn again!

I hate to say it but I've always had a feeling over the past couple years that having a new shining recreation center in downtown Ypsi sounded to good to be true. That is the kind of attitude that can develop when you live in a city with so much wonderful potential that keeps getting stuck in the mud in key respects. Of course, I'm speaking of the dreaded and repetitive stinky old Water Street debacle.

According to Pete Murdock's informative post, Bob Tetons will state officially at the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation  Commission  Tuesday that they are, and I'm quoting Murdock's words,  "Withdrawing  any interest in building a recreation center at Water Street." Pete Murdock's post also stated the recommendation  from Tetons to announce the withdraw has to do with the cost and uncertainty in regard to the Water Street site.

What a frustrating development for us residents of Ypsilanti. A lot of residents, including myself, were excited about the prospect of a rec center. Too bad it looks like a bust.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.
Water Street property. Ypsilanti, Purple Walrus Press

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