Monday, May 8, 2017

Congressman Dan Kildee statement regarding notices of tax liens in Flint for unpaid water bills & my two cents on issue as someone who hails from Flint.

Amid the truly horrific news that thousands of Flint residents could actually lose their homes to foreclosure for not paying their water bills, Congressman Dale Kildee has issued at statement. "According to Kildee,"Flint families should not have to pay for water that they still cannot drink, and they certainly should not lose their homes over this ongoing water crisis that was caused by the callous decisions of state government. I opposed this decision because Flint families deserve support from the state until there is confidence in the water system again."

After the the city of Flint recently sent out shut-off notices the city is threatening to put tax liens on people's home if they don't pay their water bills, which would put Flint residents at risk of losing their homes. According to 25 News, over 8000 have received notice, and are on the list for not paying their water bill for six months or more.

On May 3, 2017, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver state, "I must say, I agree with those who have spoken out against this process. I have  met with our interim City Attorney and Finance Director and they say the city is obligated by local ordinance to follow the procedure, and we must follow the law."

As most of you know, Flint is my home town and I have many friends and family in Flint and the Flint area. Though I moved to Ypsilanti from Flint in 2004, I remain deeply connected to Flint and the bonds that bind me to the city are strong and deep. For the past two years I have been baffled by the lack of response to the Flint Water Crisis on the part of not only the State of Michigan, but the the Federal government as well. Now, I am equally baffled by the fact that Flint residents could actually lose their homes if they don't pay their water bill?! Why on earth should Flint residents have to pay for water that is not fit to drink or bathe in. And on top of that, residents may actually lose their homes?! The water is unfit to drink. Residents are still required to use a water filter on their taps or use bottled water, yet they are being forced to pay for this water or risk losing their homes. Threatening foreclosure for not paying for poisonous water is cruel. What does this say about our nation?

Jeff Brown
editor & publisher
Purple Walrus Press.
Downtown Flint. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

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