Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Parola Perspective : Notion that Dems lost because they've forsaken blue-collar worker pretty incredible.

Brooks Parola. Purple Walrus Press.

 I gotta say, this notion that the Dems lost because they have forsaken the blue-collar worker is pretty incredible. All one needed to do was to look and compare platforms...not mention recall that Hillary and Obama were the ones to provide universal healthcare, which they suddenly realize they want and need, but only after Trump convinced them that Obamacare was bad.
Could Hillary and the Dems have done more to sharpen their message to focus more attention on blue-collar workers? Absolutely. But, it would also help if the blue-collar worker, (many of them who left the Democrats under Reagan, when Democratic support for unions was at it's zenith) would wake up, and stop being fooled by GOP, divide and conquer rhetoric.

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