Friday, May 19, 2017

Student altercation at Ypsilanti Community High School Wednesday night after Spring Choir Concert.

There was an altercation between two Ypsilanti Community High School students Wednesday night, May 17, outside of the school building following a YCHS Spring Choir Concert. Friday morning, May 19, Purple Walrus Press contacted Ypsilanti Community Schools Communication and Marketing Coordinator Taryn Reid in regard to Wednesday's altercation. In a statement to PWP Reid responded, "Wednesday evening after the Ypsilanti Community High School Spring Choir concert there was an altercation between two students and the police were called by a bystander. The incident is currently under investigation and as always Ypsilanti Community Schools' top priority is the safety of all students and community members at YCS events."

A message with similar information was sent out to families regarding the altercation from the Ypsilanti High School Principal on Thursday. The message from the principal included the following statement. "Your HS Administrative staff are gathering incident reports from witnesses that were present yesterday evening and will follow the student code of conduct in issuing discipline as a result of this." The message that was sent out to parents from the principal stated also, "No one was harmed." and that, "Members of the HS staff quickly intervened."

There has been much speculation regarding the student altercation on local social media in recent days, but I have displayed the facts as presented to PWP by the school administration. As stated above, the altercation is currently under investigation. Stay tuned for updates.

Jeff Brown
Editor in Chief & Publisher
Purple Walrus Press.
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