Thursday, May 11, 2017

Crews continue work on broken water line as they open big hole on Michigan Ave downtown Ypsilanti.

MDOT crews continue to work on a broken storm water line that occurred Tuesday, May 9, on Michigan Avenue in downtown Ypsilanti. Tuesday afternoon, at approximately 3:00, the eastbound lane of Michigan Ave, just east of Huron St in downtown Ypsilanti, was shut down as a large "void" was discovered directly underneath the eastbound lane of Michigan Ave near the intersection of Huron St and Michigan Ave.

Purple Walrus Press reported Wednesday, that according to an MDOT worker, "Parts that fix it need to be custom made." The worker stated Wednesday that there would be big hole in street Thursday. Sure enough, as of 12:30 pm Thursday, there is a gaping hole in the street directly in front of the Big Brothers Big Sisters office. Workers on the scene Thursday told PWP that they were hoping to have the repair finished by Saturday barring any complications. However, according to a public notice released from the City of Ypsilanti Wednesday night, the closure of eastbound Michigan Ave is expected to last through Monday, May 15.

Thursday afternoon water could be seen gushing from what can be best described as large above ground hoses that are diverting water around and away from the enormous 20 ft long, 15 ft wide and 12 ft deep hole in the ground in the middle of eastbound Michigan Ave,

According to an individual with Big Brother Big Sisters office located directly next to the section where the repair work is occurring, the situation has not had any effect on the organizations downtown office.

Jeff Brown
editor & publisher
Purple Walrus Press.

Photos Purple Walrus Press.

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