Friday, May 12, 2017

London England's Mongrel Dogs Rock Motor City Style

London, England based Mongrel Dogs.

So last week, as I was checking my Purple Walrus Press Twitter feed, I noticed that a band I wasn't familiar with was following my publication. The name of the band is Mongrel Dogs and they are based in the UK, London, England to be exact. On the band's Twitter page they posted a new song called 'High' and an accompanying video. Listen, these guys rock! I decided to contact the band and after a few conversations with the group (great guys, by the way) I learned that they have a new EP out titled 'High'. The EP contains three new songs, 'High', 'Ball and Chain', and 'Get Your Evil On'. Each track is packed with hook laden, hi-energy Rock and Roll that is infectious!

Influences on Mongrel Dogs include Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Jimi Hendrix. These guys definitely have taste and these influences are immediately apparent when you listen to their latest EP 'High' released in the winter of 2016.

The EP kicks off with 'High' and it is an excellent rocker. 'High' has attitude, chops, and an infectious hook. Check the soaring vocals in the chorus and the blazing lead guitar fill. The party continues with the foot stompin' 'Get Your Evil On' and its dive bomb lead guitar. The swaggering rocker, 'Ball And Chain' brings the party to a high octane flyin' down the highway close.

One thing for certain is that Mongrel Dogs would go over very well here in the Detroit area. Who knows, maybe we can get these guys over here. I mean London is, what, only 3,683 miles and an ocean away from the Motor City, right?

Check out the band's new video below!

Jeff Brown
Editor in Chief & Publisher
Purple Walrus Press

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