Thursday, May 12, 2016


As I walked into my house today after going for a run in my Ypsilanti neighborhood this afternoon up popped an Amber Alert message from the Emergency Broadcast System on the television. The emergency message regarded missing Hamburg Township mom Amanda Hayward age 30 and her 7 year old daughter Sapphire Palmer. The mom and daughter were reported missing Tuesday afternoon after last being seen at their home.

Anytime there is an Amber Alert it is extremely serious and alarming, but this time the alert is particularly alarming I think. Stated in the alert is that the mother of Sapphire Palmer is armed with a 9mm handgun and as stated by the police,  may be suffering from an apparent mental episode. As reported by WXYZ Detroit, police also say she is delusional. Reports are that the child, Sapphire Palmer, is with her mom.

Apparently police are also looking for 64 year old man, who according to police, is a registered sex offender. This is a frightening twist.

Obviously, it looks like mental illness is what is responsible for Amanda Hayward's actions, and this is what is so heartbreaking about the situation. Mental illness has never been properly treated by the medical profession in this country and its a damn shame. Not only is there still a stigma about mental illness but there is a surprising lack of adequate treatment for people suffering from mental illness in the United States. Typically, if someone is admitted to the hospital due to mental illness they are released in a few days even though they require much more thorough diagnosis and treatment. It is a national problem that is not being addressed.

I'm sure police will find the mother and daughter soon, and that Amanda Hayward will not harm her daughter or anyone else. I only hope she receives the mental health treatment she deserves.

Jeff Brown
Editor in Chief
Purple Walrus Press

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