Tuesday, May 3, 2016


There has been a heck of a lot of media attention focused on my hometown of Flint since January in regard to the water crisis, and that's great. But the thing is that even with all the media hoopla, a Hillary and Bernie presidential hopeful debate at The Whiting, and a visit by President Obama on Wednesday, the Flint Water Crisis hasn't gotten much better, Residents in Flint still cannot drink or bathe in the water. This is beyond appalling.

It is obvious that Governor Snyder and top aides were fully aware that the water was/is poisonous, yet no effort was made to warn or notify Flint residents. Eric Rothstein, a member of the Snyder-appointed Flint Water Advisory Task Force, summed it up well when he, in regard to Snyder  top aides, Chief of Staff and his legal council expressing concern over Flint water quality reports, stated to MIVE that, "If they weren't passing along those assessments to the governor, that's a huge problem. But if they were passing along assessments and the governor wasn't taking action, that's a huge problem, too".

There you have it. The governors office knew the water was hazardous but did not bother to let Flint residents know. Here is one thing that is gnawing at me and many, many others: What consequences will Snyder and his staff face and when?

Jeff Brown
Editor in Chief
Purple Walrus Press

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