Monday, May 9, 2016


Kudos to Eastern Michigan University student teacher Abigail Bruce of Brighton for teaching kids a powerful lesson and the value of helping others.

Abigail Bruce is doing her student teaching in Kristina Heppner's classroom at Angell Elementary in Ann Arbor. She wanted the class to do a project that would illustrate the difference between needing something and wanting something. The class discussed the Flint water crisis that continues to unfold in my hometown less than an hour to the north, and how children in Flint are in need of something as basic as clean water. The kids came up with a plan.

In a press release Bruce said, "The class worked together to create a plan to inform others and collect donations". By the look of things it sounds like the class worked together pretty darn well as they raised over $1,000 allowing them to purchase 300 cases of water which was delivered to the Michigan School For The Deaf in Flint.

Fantastic job Abigail Bruce, and children of Kristina Heppner's class! The lesson here for adults is never underestimate kids!

Jeff Brown
Editor in Chief
Purple Walrus Press

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