Saturday, May 21, 2016


Today, Flint Water Crisis activist Melissa Mays and the amazing UA 370 plumbers & pipefitters live-streamed on facebook after 125 volunteers installed 700 shower filters for residents of Flint. What an incredible and generous accomplishment! These amazing folks spent their own time and money to reach out and help 700 households in Flint who cannot do something as basic as take a shower because of the horrific quality of the water that continues to plaque thousands and thousands of Flint residents. Their goal is to install 1000 shower filters for residents of the city.

Many residents of Flint are complaining of rashes and other types of skin irritation due to the toxic water. This is appalling and unacceptable. Unfortunately, many people outside of Flint have gotten the impression that conditions for the 100,000 residents of Flint have gotten better. The truth is that conditions definitely have not improved. Residents are still being told to use bottled water for consuming water. Indications are that showering in the water continues to cause skin problems.

There was a lot of media coverage of the Flint Water Crisis for a few months but very little has changed or improved. People outside of the city need to know this.

A huge thank you to Melissa Mays and the UA 370 plumbers and pipefitters for taking action and for telling people the truth about what continues to be a nightmarish situation for people in my hometown of Flint.

Jeff Brown
Editor in Chief/Publisher
Purple Walrus Press

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