Wednesday, May 4, 2016


What To Do About Flint?" I would like those responsible to be held accountable. But that's the least of Flint's Water Problem. The pipes must be replaced and all of the corrosion damaged infrastructure replaced as well. But even after all this there is still the underlying problem which caused all of this. Flint's financial emergency. The Financial Emergency came about because of a $19M budget deficit. Two things: 1) Flint had a $22M debt to repay to the water fund. 2) Flint's shortfall was a direct result of Snyder and the Republican controlled State Legislature's cuts in Revenue Sharing to pay for his tax cuts to businesses. From 2011 - 2014 Flint's loss of Revenue Sharing amounted to $54M. So you tell me! Wasn't Flint's Financial Emergency contrived by Snyder & the Republican Legislature? Then we have the EM Law in the first place. The voters rescinded this law by Referendum. But Snyder & his Cronies turned right around and enacted a revised version that was even more restrictive of local rights than the original. And passed this one making it Referendum Proof by attaching some dollars to it thus making it an Appropriations Bill which by State Law cannot be repealed by Referendum. What was the effect for Flint? 4 EMs that combined to create a situation that coupled with skulduggery in the MDEQ & MDHHS led to 8,000 + Children being exposed to brain damaging Lead and probably 12 people losing their life to Legionella. This isn't just incompetence, it's heinous and odious. And it should be to everyone! This is what happens when State Government is run "like a business"! This is what happens when one party is in complete control and no one in the ruling party has the gumption to hold their fellow colleagues accountable!! No, they just remove all of the checks & balances and also deliberately thwart the will of the People, both Republican & Democrat. Every Citizen in Michigan should be throwing their Legislators out of office that went along with this railroading of catastrophic laws!! So fix Flint's Water Problem now!! But just as important, fix Michigan's Single Party in Control problem now as well!!

William Hammond


  1. Fix the political system and you fix the water, and any future problems like it.

  2. Fix the political system and you fix the water, and any future problems like it.