Saturday, April 9, 2016


 Speaking as I guy from Flint with family and strong ties in the Flint community, boy, I'm doing a lot of head scratching theses days. Like most people, whether you have have ties to the community or not, I am disgusted and horrified by this Flint water crisis. As far as the head scratching I'll start with this.  The latest news I've learned is that as of March 31 only a mere handful of homes have had their rotten, corroded, lead laden, and toxic poisonous water pipes replaced. 14 to be exact. Why such a small number?

In early March Flint Mayor Karen Weaver began the Fast Start initiative. The idea was to replace water infrastructure for 30 homes in 30 days. Weaver says that state lawmakers still have yet to approve $25 million requested by governor Snyder. Now, that is one helluva a head scratcher! Why on earth is that money not being approved? I don't get it.

The lack of necessary funding approval to fix the water crisis is appalling, but there is more troubling news. In an article by City Lab it was stated that several homes that tested high in lead and have had their water lines dug up have, wait for it, copper lines not lead! I'm no water line expert but this tells me that all of the water lines in Flint need to be replaced now.

The State of Michigan and the federal government must fix this disaster. For crying out loud, just dig up the whole water infrastructure and do it quickly!

Jeff Brown


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