Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Let me tell you that when I learned in January that the Pretzel Bell restaurant was returning to Ann Arbor I thought I was going to faint! No kidding! What joy this news gives me! For decades the Pretzel Bell was an Ann Arbor institution. When I say institution I mean INSTITUTION! In legendary status it was right up there Tommy Harmon, Ricky Leach,  Bo Schembechler, and The MC 5! The MC 5? Oh, why not?! Phew! I'm beside myself!

Anyway, the Pretzel Bell opened its doors in 1934 on Liberty Street in downtown Ann Arbor. After the restaurant closed its door in 1985 I could hardly walk past the old location without having a good cry. For years and years the P Bell was thee place to go. Down to earth , friendly, cozy, lively, and brimming with good ole down home comfort food. You always left (or staggered out) with a smile on your face and a satisfied tummy.

The incredible news is that it is back! The doors of the new Pretzel Bell will open on April 14. It is pleasantly located at 226 S. Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor. Perfect locale! Make sure you check out the pastrami-spiced pork shoulder served with grits.Oh, baby! Also enjoy craft beer and wine! Oh baby, baby! Perfect!

Jeff Brown
Editor in Chief
Purple Walrus Press

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