Monday, July 31, 2017

Alumni group from Eastern Michigan University Arm of Honor makes donation to Fermentation Science Program at EMU

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

 According to Eastern Michigan University, a group of longtime friends from the Arm of Honor Alumni Association of EMU presented the university with a check for the sum of $2,500. The donation was made to help a new project at Eastern Michigan University called the Fermentation Science Program.

According to the EMU press release, "The Association, a fraternity group of prominent area citizens who went to school together at Eastern Michigan, regularly supports various projects on campus."

The group presented the donation at local favorite watering hole, Arbor Brewing Company's Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. Chemistry professors Cory Emal and Gregg Wilmes began the Fermentation Science Program in 2016. The program's mission is to train students for career paths that are based in the fermentation of food and drink. Examples of fermentation drinks would be crafted beer and cider, of course.

Further, food staples like yogurt, cheese and sauerkraut also entail fermentation, according to the press release.

According to EMU, "The program's curriculum combines an understanding of the science of fermentation with a broad background in chemistry, biology and physics.

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