Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dear PBS NewsHour.

By Brooks Parola. Purple Walrus Press.

Dear PBS NewsHour, I've been a devoted viewer for many years. One reason is YOUR devotion to being as fair as possible. But part of that fairness includes showing respect for the TRUTH.
Stephen Miller went on all of the weekend talk shows and LIED about voter fraud in this country. He LIED about presidential power under the constitution. He LIED about the constitutional power of the courts as a check on the power of the president. All while sounding like one of Adolph Hitler's ruthless henchmen in trying to justify Trump's "right" to wield raw, unchecked power!
PLEASE, Judy Woodruff, Amy Walter, and Tamara Keith, don't shake your heads at this fool, and say he's "something else".
CALL HIM OUT for his LIES! CALL HIM OUT for cynically trying to fool the American public as a way of gaining support for policies that are unconstitutional, hateful, and race baiting!
CALL HIM OUT for his ass-backward views on how constitutional checks and balances work in this country. CALL HIM OUT for speaking this way, in an attempt to make Americans believe that it's okay to give the president dictatorial powers!
I know you folks at PBS bend over backwards to be fair, but it's just as important that you be fair to TRUTHS that this administration has nothing but contempt for.

Brooks Parola   Purple Walrus Press.

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