Sunday, February 12, 2017

State of Michigan ending credits for Flint residents water bills / What a disgrace.

I have spent the last year and a half utterly dismayed at the lack of urgency on both a state and federal level in regard to the water crisis in my hometown of Flint. I don't know how many articles I have written on the crisis but it has been a helluva lot.

According to a press release from the City of Flint on February 10th,"A senior adviser to Governor Snyder has sent Flint's interim Chief Financial Officer, David Sabuda, a letter to inform him the credits currently being applied to the water portion of Flint utility customer's accounts will no longer be provided after February 28, 2017.

According to an update to the press release from the City of Flint,"I want the people of Flint to know we are still fighting for what is right,"said Flint Mayor Karen Weaver."I am disappointed by the announcement from the governor's office especially after we were told the credits would last at least until March 31."

As I wrote in a recent PWP article, as of January 12, 2017, Flint residents have been told that they still need to continue using a filter for drinking water. Even though the water in Flint is not safe to drink without a filter the State has notified the City of Flint that water credits for Flint city residents will end soon. This is appalling and unfathomable. Many experts feel that the water in the city is not suitable for consumption without a filter. This is not acceptable. The residents of Flint should not have to pay for drinking water that has to run through a filter before being considered safe to consume. What a disgrace.

 Mayor Weaver has said that she hopes to replace 6000 pipes by the end of the year. Residents in my hometown of Flint should not have to pay for city water until each and every contaminated and rotten pipe has been replaced in the city. Why the process of removing and replacing toxic pipes in the city is taking this long is anyone's guess. Certainly, in a nation as wealthy as the United States there is no reason why all of the pipes in the city could not have been replaced by now.

Jeff Brown
Founder/Editor in Chief
Purple Walrus Press.

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