Monday, February 6, 2017

YDL organizes 2nd annual TED talk event.

The Ypsilanti District Library is organizing the second annual TED talk event. The event will be held on April 13. The event will feature speakers who wish to talk about a topic of expertise that has a focus on Ypsilanti. Organizers are seeking speakers from various backgrounds and areas of expertise.

TED talks have been gathering, and spreading ideas and knowledge on a world wide bases. Residents in Ypsilanti are encouraged to share and talk about their big ideas at the  event.

The theme for this Aprils TED talk event is interdependence. The coordinators are interested in talks from people from various backgrounds that will focus on how people and ideas need to depend on each other in order to be successful.

TED talks are posted on you tube so that people around the globe may access them and learn something about a specialized field directly from the speaker.

Four YDL panelists will select and feature the best ideas and stories from people living in the Ypsilanti area. Speakers will discuss and share their stories in a 5-10 minute talk.

People who are interested in speaking at the event need to apply by the February 15 deadline. Background information and speaker applications are available here.

The event is scheduled for April 13 at 7pm at Halle Library on the campus of Eastern Michigan University and is free and open to the public. According to organizers first-come, first-served registration will not open until March 1.

The event is co-hosted by the Ypsilanti Public Library Library and EMU's Halle Library.

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