Saturday, February 4, 2017

Parola perspective: My Conspiracy Theory: Trump, The Hired Gun.

By Brooks Parola: Purple Walrus Press.

I loathe conspiracy theories, so as a result, I feel that entitles me to perpetuate a few of my own, every now and again. I’ve decided that Trump is really a hired gun paid off by the GOP to do their dirty work.

I awoke this morning thinking how important it was to not become fixated on Trump’s mouth, lies, or even actions. That if you focus too much on him, you miss the important ultra-right wing work his GOP partners in crime are engaging in. I ended the evening convinced that his executive orders re. immigration, the wall, and sanctuary cities, were in actuality the opposite of what concerns many people: they’re deliberately vague because he WANTS them shot down by the courts as a face saving measure, and that’s what brought me to my theory.
I’ve always believed that Trump won the GOP nomination because he had the balls, ego, and shamelessness to take the GOP strategy of divisive politics to a level, no other in the party was willing to do. Many, like myself, have argued that he’s only the logical extension of the direction the GOP has been moving for many, many years...But, tonight I got to thinking...what if he’s not that at all? Instead of the outsider with bigger balls than the rest, what if he’s the HIRED GUN brought (bought by) on board by the GOP to do their dirty work?
Think about this possibility...the GOP Is tired of losing the White House, but can’t win with a narrow base of Tea Partiers that keep insisting they be like Trump. But, the party is too concerned about going there, since many of them feel they must broaden the base. Broadening the base however, is impossible since the Tea Party prevents any moderation. Their dream would be to win the White House in a way that placates the Tea Party, but insulates the GOP from a candidate like Trump, who might be able to win, but may also do real damage to the party. So, how could they achieve those goals? Well, instead of using someone within the party, you hire someone (Trump) to do your dirty work. You appeal to his oversized ego, you convince him he really won’t have to do anything once he’s in office, and most likely, you pay him a huge sum of money for putting his name and reputation on the line.
In return, if he wins the White House, the GOP has won the presidency they’ve been unable to win for some time, they’ll get a presidential puppet that will rubber stamp their ultra-right wing policies, and if he becomes too much of a problem, we help the Democrats impeach him, and install Mike Pence.
I think the executive orders are deliberately vague, so they won’t stand up in court. They only exist as a face saving measure, to say to Trump’s base, that he’s keeping his promise on these issues (not his fault the courts are shooting them down). Trump was allowed to make outrageous promises he couldn’t keep because they knew a more extreme version of divisive politics could be a winning formula, and that it really doesn’t matter if you can’t keep the most divisive of those promises, as long as you make people believe that you stood for them, and tied to implement them...thus the executive orders. Executive order are nice because they sound tough and dictatorial, and that’s what the base wants, but are actually paper tigers, since none of the policies can actually be implemented due to money or constitutional constraints.
Folks, where is the notoriously tight-fisted, tax-cutting GOP going to come up with the cash for Trump’s wall and expansion of border control agents? Most of those executive orders have severe costs and constitutional baggage making implementation very difficult. But, all of that’s okay, because the GOP (by way of a puppet president) get Obamacare repealed, more tax cuts for the rich, planned parenthood defunded, and a nice new ultra-right wing Supreme Court Justice. But hey, this is all just a theory folks...just a theory...

Brooks Parola: Purple Walrus Press.

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  1. Sure, the Republican primary was a wide open casting call to find the best rabble-rouser. And the way executive orders are being signed is political theater to show promises being kept, even if they don't hold up. I guess whether it is a conspiracy or not depends on whether the Republicans paid Trump in advance, or figured out this plan after he won the primaries on his own.