Friday, February 3, 2017

What those of us in Flint have learned.

By William Hammond: Purple Walrus Press.

For those of us here in Flint we learned that it is important to listen to the voices that don't seem like they reflect what the prevailing wisdom says. We learned that the early signs of trouble with our water were indeed a very serious matter. We now know that 9,000 children were exposed to a dangerous neurotoxin, Lead. We now know that 12 people were killed by Legionnaires that was probably related to the water. And just this week we learned that as many as 71 other people may have died from Pneumonia that was probably misdiagnosed Legionnaires - again with probable ties to our water.
So when there are signs that Russia may indeed have messed in our election, that they may indeed have influence over our President we need to pay attention to those signs and look very closely at what the real story actually is.
If even half of what Rachel Maddow talks about (Russian U.S. hacking campaign) is true then we've got enormous risks in the highest positions in our Government putting our very democracy at stake. Even Republicans should at least listen with as open a mind as partisanly possible.

William Hammond. Purple Walrus Press. 

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