Monday, February 6, 2017

SUPER BOWL 51 : Nobody Saw This Coming!!!

By Robert Resch.  Purple Walrus Press.

Did you miss the ending?  Did you stop believing in the Patriots?
Throw in the towel?  Pack up your misery and go home or change the


With the Patriots down by 25 late in the 3rd quarter, it was time to
pack up and go home.  Millions of people did the same
thing...including some AT the game.  My wife and I were at a friend's
house in Ypsilanti enjoying the Big Screen.  The Big Sound.  Great
food.  Having a fun time.   With one exception.  What the heck
happened to our Patriots?

Tom Brady and company looked sub-human in the first half and most of
the 3rd quarter.  Atlanta was dominating the action and doing
everything right.  This was the first public mugging of Brady and the
Patriots in a good long while....and AT THE SUPER BOWL none the less.
Brady got sacked one time and looked like a pretzel I was dipping into
some hot cheddar cheese.   He looked frustrated and so did coach
Belichick.  I mean being down 21-3 at the half was MAJORLY


Well, maybe Lady Gaga would perk up the entertainment.  Wait......did
she just jump off the roof on to the stage?  WOW!!   She then went on
with an energetic performance that channeled Pink with her high wire
acrobatics along with a great crew of back up dancers.  The mike toss
and catching the football and then doing the stage dive into the crowd
was a suitable finale.

Oh Boy..........back to the game.

Suddenly the 3rd quarter score became 28-9 with the Pats muffing an
extra point attempt..  This was getting hopeless.  We started packing
our stuff and headed home.  Thankfully,  we were only 10 minutes away.
The best was yet to come.


What the sports world witnessed in the 4 quarter of Super Bowl 51 was
the rise from the ashes and dominance of the greatest quarterback in
the history of football.  Tom Brady went 21 for 27 in passing for a
total of 244 yards.  With 5 minutes left in the game the Pats not only
scored twice...then had to make two 2 point conversions and they did!


The first overtime in Super Bowl history and the Patriots win the
toss, and proceed to score a touchdown. Bam!!  No big deal!! Just like
that it was over.  The Patriots win 34-28. A Super, Super Bowl win!.
Brady finished 43 of 62, a record for most attempts, for 466 yards,
also a record, and 2 touchdown passes.

This was a game for the ages.  This was a season for the ages for New
England.  Remember 'Deflate Gate' sidelined Brady for the first 4
games of the season.  How sweet it must have been for the team to
receive the Super Bowl trophy from Goodell, the NFL Commissioner.


Robert Resch.  Purple Walrus Press.

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