Monday, October 16, 2017

Congressman Dan Kildee (Flint) issues statement on the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

By Publisher & Editor Jeff Brown.

U.S. Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05) issued the following statement on October 13, 2017, after President Trump declined to certify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action known as the Iran Nuclear Agreement, according to a press release from the Kildee office:

“By failing to certify the Iran nuclear agreement, President Trump is rejecting the advice of his top defense and diplomatic advisors and putting America’s national security at risk by opening up the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran.
“National security and foreign policy experts, including President Trump’s Secretaries of State and Defense, agree that Iran is in compliance with the agreement. Since it was enacted, the U.S. has certified eight times that Iran is in compliance, including twice by President Trump himself. Thus, President Trump is ignoring not only his own national security team, but also the facts.
“Let me be clear: Iran continues to be a bad actor on the world stage. It held a young man from my hometown, Amir Hekmati, as a political prisoner for nearly five years and continues to hold other Americans. But the nuclear deal was never designed to address all of Iran’s provocations. Rather, it sought to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, which the agreement has so far has accomplished. It is easier to address Iran’s other bad behavior without also having to also contend with a nuclear-armed Iran.
“In addition, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently said that walking away from the deal would make other countries less willing to enter into diplomatic accords with the United States. As tensions continue to rise with North Korea, President Trump backing away from the agreement makes a diplomatic resolution with North Korea even harder.
“Congress will now have 60 days to respond to the President’s reckless decision. Congress must abide by the agreement to protect America’s security and interests abroad.”

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