Friday, October 13, 2017

It is almost time for...Trick or Treating in Ypsilanti!!

By Editor & Publisher Jeff Brown.

Aah, autumn in Ypsilanti... The leaves starting to turn, EMU football, a nip in the air, scary movies, hot cider, Creepy Clowns..what?? Ok, skip the Creepy Clowns! But, of course, the best thing about Ypsilanti in Autumn is Halloween, and good old Trick or treating! You know you love it! So do I! But more importantly, the kids love it!

So, October 31, in just a couple of weeks, this town will be running amuck with little (and not so little) adorable costume wearing, sugar high actin' kids! Don't miss out! You, the kids, and the neighbors are going to love it!

This event will occur in all Ypsilanti neighborhoods from 6-8pm on Halloween night, rain or shine. So put the porch light on and have the candy ready! Personally, I'm partial to starbursts. Just sayin'.

P.S. If you get any pics of fantastically decorated houses prior to Halloween send them to


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