Monday, January 30, 2017

America: The inconvenient truth!! By PWP contributor Bob Resch.

We as a nation have stepped into a new era.  This is uncommon ground.
This is shaky ground.  The feeling like a ground swell of an impeding
earthquake.  This does not feel good.  And too many, this is not the
America they signed up for.

We're in an era of 'Alternate Facts' that attempt to cover up the
inconvenient truth.  Where border agents defy judges orders on travel
bans. Where US citizens are handcuffed and detained at airports.  It's
an era where potentially millions could lose their health insurance.
Where Russia can get away with meddling in the American election. An
era where some feel we must build walls.  Where nothing has been
mentioned about the deficit.  Where conflict of interest for the
President and high ranking officials in the White House is no big
deal.  Neither is nepotism.  Many are dazed.  Many are confused.  But
one person can still look you in the eye and say  "everything is going

Welcome to the WACKY,  WILD & CRAZY  WORLD of The President of the
United States Donald Trump.

In his haste to sign executive orders, Mr. Trump forgets that he and
his staff are suppose to notify the authorities that will enact his
orders, so they know what is expected from them.  Oopps!!  Is that
part of the job??  If Mr. Trump would just step back and nominate more
candidates for his cabinet that have had SOME experience, life would
be so much better.

Folks, no matter which side of the aisle you're on, what we are seeing
here is a person elected POTUS who has ZERO experience governing and
Good God Almighty, does it ever show.

Buckle up!  Hold on tight!!   The first 100 days is going to be a
terrifying ride.  One thing for sure, Mr.Trump will have to continue
using training wheels in his new position.  We can only hope he is a
fast learner because we are all on the same bus.

Purple Walrus Press contributor Bob Resch.
Image created by Dan Percival.

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