Tuesday, January 24, 2017


When Ann Arbor singer-songwriter Chris Good contacted me last week I knew something special was happening on the local music scene. I was right. Chris informed me about his new project Friends with the Weather. Actually, Friends with the Weather is a brand new project consisting of singer-songwriters Seth Hendricks, David Hupp, and Chris Good. Seth Hendricks is based out of Ohio, and David Hupp is out of Indiana. This unit is loaded with highly talented Michigan based collaborators, including Seth Bernard. This is great news for the local music scene.

The better news is that Friends with the Weather has recently released their self-titled album, and it shines brightly. If you are looking for some inspiration during these dreary mid winter Michigan days I've got the remedy. All you need to do is put on their debut album, sit back and take in the good vibes.

The album opens with Blessed for the Journey, which is an inspirational song accompanied by slightly country tinged guitar. The next track Loveliness is a song about the passing of time and healing. For me there is something about this song that brings to mind the musical sensibilities Paul Simon's Still Crazy After All These Years album. Check out the crisp sounding drums front and center.

The third track, country informed Light Awakes, is also featured in a video version, and it is one of the best songs on the album as it rolls like a lazy flowin' river. The song is comforting, inspirational, and hopeful: Something we all need these days.

Other highlights on the album include the excellent bright and up-beat pop rocker It Gets Better featuring shimmering electric keyboard and poppin' horns, and the sweet-sounding jazz funky On the Other Side.

Excellent song-writing, stellar Michigan based musicianship and pure inspiration are the hallmarks of the fine debut album delivered by Friends with the Weather. What else could any self-described Michigander rock/folk/soul fan ask for in the middle of the winter?

Catch Friends with the Weather with Seth Bernard Friday 1/27 at Rumpus Room in Chelsea at 8pm. Saturday, 1/28 Founders Taproom, Grand Rapids, 9:30pm. Sunday, 1/29 at the Kalamazoo First Congregational Church UCC at 7pm.

Also see Friends with the Weather at the Ark in Ann Arbor on March 28!

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

Friends with the Weather.

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