Sunday, January 29, 2017

Peaceful protest against immigration ban Federal Building Ann Arbor Sunday.

 Demonstrators protested the ban against immigrants Sunday in front of the Federal Building in downtown Ann Arbor.  As of 1:00 pm roughly 250 demonstrators had gathered for the impromptu protest. The demonstration was organized in effort to protest against the horrific events of this week according to an organizer.

Protester Deborah Orlowski spoke to Purple Walrus Press during the demonstration. According to Orlowski,"I think the ban is illegal and un-American."

Many protesters carried signs with messages reflecting their anger toward the immigration ban such as One Human Family, and Build Bridges Not Walls.

Jeff Brown
Founder/Editor in Chief
Purple Walrus Press.
Protesters in front of  Federal Building in Ann Arbor Sunday. Photo Purple Walrus Press.


  1. People were leaving and arriving throughout the 3 hours, which made it very difficult to estimate the total number of protesters.