Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Ugly Mug Cafe in Ypsilanti is now Cross Street Coffee.

Last week several people in Ypsilanti contacted me with questions about their favorite coffee place The Ugly Mug Cafe, located on 317 W. Cross Street. Folks wanted to know what was going on at their favorite cafe. The buzz was that the interior was looking different as some of the artwork that had been on the walls had been removed according to one person who contacted me. There was also word that The Ugly Mug decided to change their name to Cross Street Coffee.

I contacted The Ugly Mug, I mean Cross Street Coffee, over the weekend to see if I could come in and take a few photos for an article. After the woman who answered the phone spoke to a manager I was politely told that they would would rather I come to take photos in about a week or so as they were transitioning the interior and working on new signage.

Here is what I do know. As of January 25, Ugly Mug Cafe located at 317 W. Cross Street in Ypsilanti, has changed its name and is now calling itself Cross Street Coffee. The coffee shop has been a local favorite for several years.

According to a post on the Cross Street Coffee facebook page the coffee shop remains under the same management and is serving the same coffee. According to the post the name change will allow the business to grow and set themselves apart from other Ugly Mugs throughout the nation. Certainly sounds reasonable to me!

The coffee shop is also proudly displaying art work by local artist Dora Diaspora.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

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