Friday, January 27, 2017


In a video message just released by Flint Water Crisis activist Melissa Mays of Flint, she stated that it has been over 1005 days since the city of Flint has had clean water. Mays says that she is angry with the State of Michigan for recent comments regarding Flint water. Melissa commented, "The State decided to come out and say, hey, look what we did. Our 90th percentile for Flint (Lead) is 12 parts lead per billion." Melissa stated that the only safe level for lead is 0.

 Mays said, "The State being proud of themselves for dropping down to 12%  is like saying, hey, you have metastasized cancer, but its one organ less than fatal. You still have cancer, but at least its not that one organ more." Mays said the State should not be proud of itself for having 12 parts lead per billion in Flint drinking water.

Further, Mays stated that it is cold out now, and that contaminate readings are always lower when it is cold.

Mays also brought up the issue of bacteria in the drinking water in the city of Flint, and stated that no one is talking about that matter. She mentioned symptoms Flint residents continue to complain about from water use including hair loss, burning eyes, breathing issues, and blistering.

According to Mays more testing needs to be done by the State and DEQ before saying that lead levels in the city are showing a pattern of going down.

Melissa Mays is a major Flint Water Crisis activist and has appeared on national network news stations. Melissa is also a Purple Walrus Press contributor.

Jeff Brown
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Downtown Flint. Purple Walrus Press photo.

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