Thursday, January 5, 2017


Wednesday evening Purple Walrus Press was contacted by an anonymous source who stated that Meals On Wheels Ypsilanti found a deceased person at the Towne Centre Place Apartments in Ypsilanti who had died of "natural causes." However, at this time I cannot officially confirm this information regarding a deceased individual.

The anonymous source also told me that, "The elevators in the apartment building are still an issue." The source also stated, "No freight elevator so getting him out was an issue." According to the source the deceased person was, "Very large, about 400 lbs."

Thursday morning I contacted Meals On Wheels Ypsilanti. I spoke to a woman named Carey. Carey told me over the phone that Towne Centre Place Senior Apartments has two different elevators. She said that there is one large elevator which she said could be considered a freight elevator. She stated to me that this large elevator has problems at times. Carey also stated that, "Within the last week it has been down."

Carey told me that the other elevator, which is smaller, seems to be okay as long as the weight is limited.

In August 2016, Purple Walrus Press reported on multiple problems occurring at Towne Centre Place, which is home to many seniors. These problems included non-functioning elevators, air conditioning problems, and cleanliness issues within the building.

Thursday morning I attempted to talk to staff at the apartment building but could not make contact.

Wednesday night I contacted media representative for Forest City, Jeff Linton. Forest City is the company that owns Towne Centre Place. As of Thursday morning I am waiting for a response.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press
Towne Centre Place Apartments Ypsilanti, Mi. Purple Walrus Press photo.

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