Wednesday, January 11, 2017


This morning President elect Trump stepped to the microphone at Trump Tower in New York City and gave his first Press Conference as President elect. I am reporting key points and statements made by Donald Trump during Wednesday's press conference,

Incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer opened the Press Conference by sharply criticizing BuzzFeed and CNN for reporting on recent allegations regarding Russia calling them, "Unsubstantiated". It should be noted that CNN's Jake Tapper refuted Spicer's assertion toward CNN by, "Differentiating" their report from "Irresponsible" Buzzfeed report. This from CNN.

Minutes later Trump stepped to the podium.

Trump began the Press Conference by thanking the news agencies who criticized other news agencies reporting on recent leaks regarding allegations involving Russia.

Here is a list key points made by Trump during Press Conference: I am para phrasing the first four points.

Ford is keeping jobs in Michigan/U.S.
Pharmacy companies need to make drugs here, not abroad.
I will be the greatest job producer god ever created.
Veteran healthcare will be strengthened.

In regard to a question asked relating to recent unsubstantiated allegations regarding Russia hacking and business ties Trump stated that "It's all fake news. put out by sick people."
As far as hacking, "I think it was Russia." He added, "We have much more hacking going on." Also, "Democratic Party didn't have hacking defense."

When asked about how recent reports affect relationship with Russia Trump stated, "Putin said they didn't do it and I respect what they said." He said also, "Look what we learned from the hacking."
Trump stated, "I have no business deals, or loans with Russia."
Trump stated that Obamacare is, "Complete disaster." And he will, "Submit Replace and Repeal plan." "Complicated stuff," Trump added.

Regarding a question about the wall:

Trump, "We're going to build the wall." Not going to wait to build." "Mexico will reimburse us." "It will happen."
Trump: "Russia will have greater respect for our country when I'm president."
"Putin shouldn't be hacking U.S."

And that concluded Trump's first Press Conference as President elect. I have left any opinion regarding what Trump stated during the press conference out of the equation.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.


  1. Refreshing to get reporting, not opinion. Thank you. 😃

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