Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ann Arbor demonstrators gather in support of Standing Rock protest movement.

Protesters in Ann Arbor demonstrated Saturday in an act of solidarity with the Standing Rock No Dakota Access Pipeline protest movement that is happening nationally. The protest was held on the sidewalk in front of Chase Bank located at 125 S. Main street in downtown Ann Arbor. Of the roughly 25 protesters participating, many of them carried signs illustrating opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Last week President Trump signed an executive order that has reinstalled construction of the pipeline. Protests occurring across the nation are in reaction to the order signed by Trump.

The Dakota Access Pipeline threatens the entire water supply for the Standing Rock Reservation that is situated on the border of North and South Dakota. Standing Rock is a Great Sioux Nation reservation.

Since last summer demonstrators have gathered at Standing Rock to protest the construction of the pipeline which runs through a portion of land that many say is a sacred burial ground. Protesters at the Standing Rock site are angry and feel the pipeline is threatening the water source for the reservation in North Dakota.

Shunahsii Rose, an organizer of Saturdays protest in Ann Arbor, spoke to Purple Walrus Press during this afternoons demonstration.  Rose does inter generational community building that has to do with restoring a relationship between people and the earth. According to Rose, "We believe wholeheartedly in the leadership being demonstrated at Standing Rock." Rose believes, in her opinion, that the people at Standing Rock are defending water and are encouraging people to protect water as an important resource. Rose believes that there is an indigenous uprising that is happening across the globe right now and that in this country many foundational principals are set on violence against native people.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press
Protesters in front of Chase Bank Ann Arbor. Photo Purple Walrus Press.

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