Thursday, January 12, 2017


Confirmation hearings continue today in Washington as all eyes are on James Mattis. President elect Trump has selected James Mattis as his nominee for the position of Secretary of Defense. The Senate Armed Services Committee hearing began at 9:30 am Thursday morning.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Senator John McCain began the hearing at 9:32 this morning.

The first to speak was Chief Executive Officer of the Nuclear Threat Initiative Sam Nunn who stated that he favored granting Mattis a waiver so that he would qualify to serve as Secretary of Defense even though Mattis has only been retired from the military for only four years. It is required that that retired military personnel be retired for seven years before taking political office.

Former U.S. Senator Nunn sighted Mattis's recent community service as an example of his commitment to the community.

Shortly after Nunn spoke, Mattis addressed the committee. Mattis said that he would, "Bring business reforms to the defense dept, and stated his wish for a waiver.

McCain asked asked what Mattis thought in regard to Afghanistan and if he believed the United States has a strategy, Mattis stated, "I believe we do but it needs to be reviewed.

McCain stated to Mattis that the Baltic and the Ukraine are concerned about U.S. commitment to them. Mattis said that he, "Will be committed." Mattis continued to say that he, "Sees Russia as an adversary in key areas."

In regard to questions in the hearing relating to Israel Mattis said that Israel's security is important to the United States and that the U.S. needs a better relationship with Israel. Mattis also stated that, "We should be a partner in building a resolution between Israel, Palestine."

Mattis said that he wants to continue the nuclear upgrade program.

Jeff Brown
Purple Walrus Press.

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