Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ypsilanti Police Chief responds Wednesday to recent comments from President Trump about police conduct.

Publisher & Editor Jeff Brown.

Wednesday afternoon, August 2, 2017, Ypsilanti Police Chief Tony DeGiusti released a statement in response to recent comments made by President Trump regarding police conduct. Chief DeGiusti stated that it has come to his attention that residents are concerned about police conduct after hearing comments made by President Trump about police practices.

In his remarks Wednesday morning Chief DeGiusti acknowledged that events that gather national attention are widely seen and have a direct impact on people who are exposed to them. Chief DeGiusti stated that government concerns are local and that decisions that are made on a local level are decisions that affect local residents. Chief DeGiusti wants to assure local residents that the Ypsilanti Police Department is not influenced by the comments that were made by President Trump, nor is the department influenced by other comments made on a national level.

According to Chief DeGiusti, "We have a culture within the department that promotes service to the community and a mantra that we will treat everyone with dignity and respect. That is who we are and how we conduct ourselves."

 The Chief stated that all working in the Police Department understand the importance of professionalism and appropriate conduct as well as accountability.

According to the statement by Chief DeGiusti, "We hold the guiding principal that we are a welcoming and inclusive community and in that vein we are dedicated to to protecting all that live, work, play and go to school here." We cannot control the speech or actions of others, but we can concentrate on providing the best possible police services to those in need."

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